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"Your intuitive nature is able to point out the positive in a challenging situation. You inspired, awakened, enlightened, encouraged and empowered me. I feel hopeful for the possibilities that had not occurred to me before the session. You opened my perception to new ways of seeing myself and how I might bring that 'self' into inspiring others. You are always thought provoking!"   Mary B, IN

"Once again i want to thank you for your support. It has led me back to my joy and I am so grateful. I feel so excited about the year coming up. I'm filled with so much possibility"  Lisa N, Thailand

"I experienced a major shift in my life. You called it all and life is wonderful!!! Thank you for all your insights and incredible sessions over the many years! You really are truly gifted and have had great impact on us" David H, DC

"Your words are profound. I recognized myself immediately. My soul, through you, is giving me permission to change from the person I always thought I had to be, to the person I truly am. The beauty of your work is that you provide a way out. I'm grateful to have you in my life. Your contribution to my life is immeasurable."   Jeannette B, TX

"You have been very instrumental in helping me understand the path I have been on and didn't even know it. Frankly, I may have easily lost perspective without having received guidance from someone outside my circle. Thank you so much!"   John B, Japan

“Beyond a doubt, your evolutionary work captures the sacred geometry of my soul and makes its secret plans accessible throughout the year. It's like having a GPS receiver for recognizing the issues and turning points in my soul's journey as they arise.”   Diane H, Vancouver, BC

"Last time, you mentioned the coming into my life of a significant relationship, unconditional love, and he is here with me in my life. A beautiful and good man. So, the Lover is activated big time in me. You helped me SO, SO much to take that much needed leap. I am ever so grateful....."   Liliana A, CO

"Thank you for your gift and place in this world at this time. You are very powerful in your connection to the understanding of information given from the universe. I am grateful to have encountered you at this pinnacle time in my life"  Robin D, Sao Paulo, Brazil

"I was beginning to feel so disheartened and scared. Your session gave me a boost to my intuitive knowing and I feel so much more confident in moving forward. God Bless you and yours Paul! Thank you for sharing your amazing talents with the world... and especially my family. You really have a gift."  Alisa G, CA

"You've unveiled for me a tall order and your musings, "hmmm I wonder what you'll do with this", made me amusingly aware of my responsibility to my Soul. Thank you again, Paul... this is the most extraordinary and useful thing I've done for myself in a very long time. Blessings to you and "see" you next year!"  Georgia L, VA

"Wow...I love how our life paths are written in the universe:) You have an incredible way of tuning into the energy...I really appreciate you and your unique gift."  Lori G, AZ

"Your session was so accurate and helpful that I was amazed. I was a little disappointed with last year's session because I could not relate to anything you were telling me. However, yesterday I listened to that session again and was blown away. I can now see how accurate it really was. You were just way ahead of me."  Rachael F, VA

"I have listened to my session a few times. The perspective from your words has helped me find significant understanding, validation, new closure on the challenging years of my life. No mistakes… I feel so ready to move on, it feels wonderful, I am energized again, feel the vitality I missed for a long time!"  Don W, Gloversville, NY

"The way you do your sessions, it's as if you know us all intimately and that you get us. You've always made such an effort to treat us uniquely, personably and as if we're getting special treatment each year."  Barbara W, MD

"I just spent the past hours listening to my session and I feel like all my molecules are rearranging. You helped me validate that I'm right on target, and that I can get that Warrior in me started right away! It has empowered me more than you will ever know. You've made a profound difference in my life!"  Sandra C, MA

"I just wanted to thank you again for your time, energy and insight. It has given me a wonderful springboard into appreciating the present, anticipating the future, and understanding my past with greater compassion"  Elizabeth B, MD

"As you can imagine, I'm in awe.. 'twas absolutely divine timing... has given me a hand hold to pull myself out of deep 'fear based contraction' and back to 'why I am here'. T H A N K YO U ! ! ! ... a million times over"  Margaret J, UT

"WOW!! You are remarkable -- how do you know me so well? I am stunned, excited, overwhelmed, and happy!! You provided all that I wanted to know, so now I can better navigate my soul's journey. Thank you does not seem quite sufficient. I intend to make wise use of all of the valuable information that you have provided. Thank you"  Ruth S, AR

"Awesome!!!! I have listened to the recording three times, each time I hear something new and meaningful. It was right on!!!! I could continue to write volumes about how your insights have given me direction, encouragement, clarity, and wisdom to follow my path. What a blessing you have been to me!  Paula S, VA

"I have listened to your session many times. There is so much there, I get more and more each time. Your work gives me insights and road markers. It reminds me of the light inside me and all around me. Thanks You for the light you shine on my path." Toni, C, CA

“What you showed me has given me even more clarity into what direction to head for me to change, grow, and evolve. I am honored to resonate w/ the excitement on the doors of healing your work and others are opening for more and more people. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.”  Betty V, PA

“You have really helped me understand my world. I'm a late bloomer, but without your help, I don't know that it would ever have happened. Just know that you are greatly appreciated. Prayers of thankfulness and blessings are sent your way. You're the best.”  Janice S, NC

“What an eye opener! Your session are usually very accurate, but this one was so clear that I had no questions at all... it explains exactly what I'm going through and why. Wow! Thank you so much for what you do - your work is truly a blessing.”  Lisa B, OH

"I listen to what you share and think, how does he know that, or, oh my goodness, that is soooooooooooooo true. Your blessings are always appreciated."  Fredda C, SC

"Many thanks for the incredible session. I cannot tell you how helpful it was! You hit the mark over and over again. The information came to me at a very good time. You are amazingly talented and your work has helped me tremendously."  Linda S, ME

"Your session are deadly accurate. I feel so encouraged every time I refer to them. I usually refer to them after the events have occurred. It gives me support and encouragement to continue being confident in my Self and My way of expressing life"  Anna O, Guatemala

"This is the most extraordinary and useful thing I have done for myself in a very long time"  Georgia L, VA

"Paul, your words are a beautiful base to grow with, to grow from. You give me courage to face the future, to move into it. You give hope. You give me an understanding to the patience it takes to grow, to the challenges that exist in our "messy lives", to the beauty that is coming. I am so grateful" LJ, NY

"Your session was really exactly what I was looking for, in the sense that you pointed out the patterns and the way out of them. The work is still mine to do, but at least I have better directions! You are a gifted healer and I really appreciate the warmth, caring and insightfulness that you put into my session. I feel like you are there talking to me when I listen to it!"  Tina P, WV

"Just like last year, this session felt Right On and echoed a few things I already have in the Works ~ very affirming on all counts! I had to laugh and marvel at how perfect it all is. I'll end by expressing my tremendous gratitude for your gifts and expertise"  Catharine S, AZ

I just re-listened to the first 30 minutes, and cried the whole time, a confirmation and release of joy. I felt you tap my field when you were talking. Thank you sooooooooo much"  A. J,, AZ

"Thanks for the yearly update. These are so helpful and fascinating. It's as if you're in my head! They are truly insightful!" Maria M, Italy

"Thanks for one of the best advisory session I have ever had. So useful and clarifying!"  Beth F, NM